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Post by Giratina on Sun Dec 24, 2017 10:49 pm

The Pokémon Orphanage

For anyone who feels like they don't want their characters anymore or simply don't have time for them, there is now a place for those pokemon! Post in this thread to give your pokemon to us, and we'll find a good home for them.
  • You'll be refunded the ticket that your character took up.

  • When you wish to put your character up for adoption, please link to both profile and team sheets for said character.

If anyone is interested in adopting a pokémon, you also reply to this thread with what character you want. The pokemon profiles will be in this sub-forum for you to look through; all you have to do is say which pokémon you'd like to adopt in this thread.
NOTE: If the unwanted pokemon has a current place in a team, they will remain there for one week, with their status set to 'away/orphanage.' If they aren't adopted by the end of that week, their place on the team will be relinquished!*

*If they are adopted before that week ends, the member who adopts it can carry on that pokémon's story in the team they were in, in the same posting turn.

Note that:
  • A guardian will have to approve your adoption. They will approve it here.
  • You will not be required to match writing styles with the previous owner of the pokémon in question; just be sure to stay true to the character profile (meaning, it's personality, appearance, et cetera).
  • If you wish, you can adjust the profile in minor ways, but nothing large.
  • Members will need a free character ticket to adopt.
  • When you adopt a character within the week it was put up for adoption, you will gain 15 forum points.

    • When you adopt outside of that week, you will be given 7 points instead.

  • When a member leaves Outbreak or is banned permanently, all their characters that are put in the orphanage can be changed to any extent (including history, appearance, etc).
  • Once a character is put up for adoption, ownership is transferred to the adopter. If the original owner wants the character back at any time after the adoption took place, it is up to the new owner to transfer ownership or not.
  • If the new owner declines, the original owner must mind harassment/mutual respect rules. No further request or questioning will be allowed. No disrespect to the new owner will be allowed.


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