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Post by Fox on Wed Nov 28, 2018 12:01 am

<Kugeki the Energy Pokemon A7dwr4Y>

Genders Possible Genderless
Signature Moves None
Ability Levitate
Type(s) Ghost/Psychic
Height 5", .127 m
Weight .009 lb,  2.04 kg
Species #, Energy Pokémon
Pokédex Entry Kugeki can interact with living and non-living things and can sometimes cause seemingly supernatural problems around the thing they latch onto.
Egg Groups Undiscovered
Evolution Line None
Evolution Method None
Origin of Name Kugeki means 'void' in Japanese. Void in Japanese culture represents aether or pure energy. They are just that; pure energy in organism form.
Stat Build High defense/special defense, Low attack/special attack
Movesets Must retain all of its previous evolution's moves, though some leveling moves are an exception. (Like Growlithe and Vulpix.)
Moves by Level -Spite Ghost
- Night Shade Ghost
- Shadow Sneak Ghost
- Confuse Ray Ghost
- Curse Ghost
- Hypnosis Psychic
- Dream Eater Psychic
- Future Sight Psychic
- Extrasensory Psychic
- Disable Normal
- Growth Normal
Moves by TM None
Egg Moves None
User Notes - Kugeki are pure life energy in the form of small organisms.
- When kugeki combine with spirits they become poltergeists and other types of ghosts that cause mischief.
- Kugeki is usually not visible to living beings, though there are many who are able to see and interact with it. Psychic and Ghost types can see kugeki, along with beings who can see auras.
- Auras are a concentration of kugeki that surround a living being at all times. They change their energy levels and color based on what the being they are with feels in terms of emotion.

-Fast- powerful
-Slow- passive

- black- despair, pain, anger, malicious intent
- red- confidence, tenacity, passion
- yellow- happiness
- blue- love, courage
- green- fear, envy
- purple- suspicion, distrust, guarded
- white- innocence, purity, awe
- brown- confusion, uncertainty
- orange- pride, vanity
- gray- sadness, melancholy

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