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Chaotic the Human and Joshua the Eevee[Rage Team] Empty Chaotic the Human and Joshua the Eevee[Rage Team]

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Chaotic the Human and Joshua the Eevee[Rage Team] 12193118_gLLmTVBgB5fW9EW

Amethyst "Chaotic" Laurence
Text Color 00FF7F
Theme(s) Megalovania - Toby Fox(Metal Cover by Richaad EB)
Sicker Things - Marianas Trench
Victor - Soul Eater OST
Item Sporty Bag(Black), Lemonade x4, Hyper Potion x1, Full Heal x2, Revive x1, Moon Ball x2, Luxury Ball x1, Quick Ball x3, Dusk Ball x1, Damaged Z-Ring, A full set of Z Crystals, Life Orb x1, Light Clay x1, Johto Badge Case, Alolan Trial Amulet, Trainer Passport, Glasses, A pack of cigarettes, a zippo lighter, A handful of TM's and the HM for Surf.
Weapons Twin Daggers, Crowbar, Slingshot
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She/Her/They/Them
Birthdate October 24th
Age 23
Species Human
Weight 118lbs/53.5kg
Height 4'5"/1.2m
Region of origin Johto
Occupation Pokemon Champion
Party Aside from Joshua, Chaotic's team is composed of Pokemon from both her Johto and Alolan hall of fame teams.
Pkm 1
Chaotic the Human and Joshua the Eevee[Rage Team] 5401324_qkp2OimJoaeVxz0
Name/Gender- Joshua|Male
Text colour- 7A378B
Species- 133|Eevee|The Evolution Pokemon
Level- 29
Ability- Adaptability
Attack list-
-Charm (Level)
-Shadow Ball (Bred TM)
-Attract (Bred TM)
-Bite (Level)
**Has Several Scars, is Duo
Pkm 2
Chaotic the Human and Joshua the Eevee[Rage Team] 637
Name/Gender- Harbinger|Male
Text colour- FCDC3B
Species- 637|Volcarona|The Sun Pokemon
Level- 70
Ability- Swarm
Attack list-
-Quiver Dance (Level)
-Bug Buzz (Level)
-Fiery Dance (Move Reminder)
-Giga Drain (Move Tutor)
**Carries a Life Orb, is shiny
Pkm 3
Chaotic the Human and Joshua the Eevee[Rage Team] 154
Name/Gender- Engel|Male
Text colour- 7FFF00
Species- 154|Meganium|The Herb Pokemon
Level- 63
Ability- Overgrow
Attack list-
-Aromatherapy (Level)
-Earthquake (Technical Machine)
-Energy Ball (Technical Machine)
-Light Screen (Level)
**Carries Light Clay, Is much larger than an average Meganium, making him suitable as a ride pokemon
Pkm 4
Chaotic the Human and Joshua the Eevee[Rage Team] 195
Name/Gender- Lillith|Female
Text colour- 4A777A
Species- 195|Quagsire|The Water Fish Pokemon
Level- 67
Ability- Damp
Attack list-
-Scald (Technical Machine)
-Surf (Hidden Machine)
-Stone Edge (Technical Machine)
-Earthquake (Level)
**Surf was taught in Johto, making it an HM
Pkm 5
Chaotic the Human and Joshua the Eevee[Rage Team] 026-a
Name/Gender- Twain|Male
Text colour- FFB90F
Species- 026|Raichu|The Mouse Pokemon
Level- 58
Ability- Surge Surfer
Attack list-
-Psychic (Level)
-Thunderbolt (Technical Machine)
-Calm Mind (Technical Machine)
-Iron Tail (Tutor)
**Has a scar over his left eye
Pkm 6
Chaotic the Human and Joshua the Eevee[Rage Team] 373
Name/Gender- Tiamat|Female
Text colour- BE2625
Species- 373|Salamance|The Dragon Pokemon
Level- 68
Ability- Intimidate
Attack list-
-Dragon Claw (Level)
-Draco Meteor (Tutor)
-Flamethrower (Level)
-Brutal Swing (Technical Machine)
**Is covered in scars, and is much larger than an average Salamance, Carries the Dragonium Z.
Quote "I am a freak."
History Born in Cherrygrove in Johto, Chaotic was raised by her single mother, an only child. Her childhood was far from happy though. From the age of three, until the age of eight when she ran away on her journey, Chaotic suffered abuse from her alcoholic mother. School wasn't much better for Chaotic, as her odd shaped ears were just one of the many things other children picked on her for. Of course teachers weren't much help either, in fact one of the teachers did some unspeakable things to the child. Traumatised, and desperate for escape, Chaotic ran away and headed for New Bark, hoping to get her trainer's license early.

Though most children aren't able to get a trainer's license until the age of ten, when Chaotic showed up on Professor Elm's porch bruised and bleeding, he wasn't about to send her home. With a large lack of child protective services in such a small town, he suggested that she take the gym challenge. Due to her unique situation, it wasn't hard to justify giving her a license and Pokemon, and so Chaotic chose her Chikorita and started off on her journey at the age of eight. However it did not take Chaotic long to figure out she had a unique gift that benefited her as a trainer, as she heard her Chikorita give her his name; Engel. It was here when she realised she could understand and speak to Pokemon. A gift she later learned extended to all Pokemon, not just the ones she owned.

Initially planning to simply push through the gyms with Engel alone, Chaotic quickly discovered this would not be possible and was forced to catch more Pokemon. At first it was tricky, but after fumbling a few times, she managed to broaden her roster with a Sentret named Molly, and a Geodude named Boulder. Though she would later cycle out these two teammates in favour of stronger ones, (not out of a lust for power but a desire to keep her friends from getting hurt as the challenges became tougher) Boulder and Molly proved to be excellent companions, helping to catch more friends, and defeat many foes.

Lillith the Wooper was then next Pokemon Chaotic caught, and this scrappy little Pokemon brought some much needed energy to the quiet team. Later replacing Boulder as the team grew, Lillith was one of the six to make it to the Hall of Fame alongside Engel and Star the Togetic. Meanwhile Star was a gift to Chaotic from a man she met in Mahogany Town named Lucifer. Lucifer was not unlike Chaotic, an outcast, and as such he understood her pain and opted to offer her his home. He made it crystal clear to the young champion in the making that she was welcome to visit whenever she had no place left to go. Later he would be the one to gift her Harbinger as a going away present when Chaotic departed for Alola.

As time passed on the road, Chaotic's physical and mental troubles became more apparent, and her Pokemon, as well as her godfather urged her to seek help. Begrudgingly, after her victory at the Johto League, she agreed to be diagnosed and it yielded some interesting results. However due to the fact that Chaotic posed no threat to those around her, and her lack of obvious self harm meant that she was free to go. Though the doctor insisted upon medication, Chaotic refused, stating "I don't want to be better against my will.". After this she departed for Alola.

During her time in Alola, Chaotic's physical condition further deteriorated to the point she could barely walk, but she wouldn't let that keep her from pressing forward. Relying on her Pokemon's assistance to get around. It was because of this stubborn attitude, and clear outcast appearance that Chaotic was welcomed into Team Skull's ranks. Though she disagreed with their criminal behaviour, she couldn't help but enjoy the sense of belonging that came with donning the uniform. Minus the hat and scarf of course, instead opting to wear her favourite sports cap.

It was during her time among these social rejects that she met Gladion, someone who while also disagreeing with Team Skull's methods, was content to hide among them for his own reasons. Over time the two became good friends, and Gladion was even there to congratulate her when she claimed championship in Alola as well. However this celebration did not last long, as being a champion of the league, Chaotic was on call for emergency situations as a strong trainer. Before she could even have a chance to see the fireworks, Chaotic was being shipped back to Johto, taking the combination of her strongest teams with her. Harbinger who had fully evolved during the travels across Alola, Engel who had been with Chaotic since the beginning, Star who had since become a Togekiss, Twain, an Alolan Raichu whom she had caught during her first days in Alola as a Pichu, Lillith a powerhouse and reliable surfer, and Tiamat the Salamance who had shown her face unexpectedly the first day Chaotic arrived in Alola.  

When Chaotic returned to Johto, she found Olivine city in a state of disarray. People had barricaded every way out of the city as best they could, but it did not stop whatever threat had summoned Chaotic back to her home. Pokemon who seemed to be rotting from the inside out tore through the city and it's people. Not wanting to join the dead, Chaotic called forth Star to Fly her to safety, thinking the smaller Togekiss would be faster, and less noticed by the creatures in the sky. She was incorrect, and it cost her dearly. Star died that day, and Chaotic's world was in even further disarray. Had it not been for Harbinger, she likely would have perished, but the flames scorched away the zombie-like Pokemon and her remaining Pokemon escaped into the wilderness.

Wanting to make for the League as quick as possible, Chaotic started to head towards New Bark, but panic struck her, as she realised the fastest way to get there would be to go through her home town. Thankfully, Rias stepped in and reminded her that it was not the only way, and she instead headed north. During her travels north, she stumbled across a young Eevee who had very strange colors, even for a shiny. Though it was not her first time seeing something like this, it still surprised Chaotic. This Eevee turned out to be much like Chaotic, stubborn and desperate to survive, so the two opted to team up, agreeing that it would be safer that way. In their trip northwards, they took a pause in Mahogany Town. Chaotic, worried for Lucifer, decided to check in on him, and headed north to the Lake of Rage to where his house was, only to find the place in shambles. Wanting to pay her respects, and despite Tiamat's protests, Chaotic chose to stay at the lake for a while, and has yet to move on.
Accent Canadian
Appearance Chaotic is a diminutive human, standing at only 4'5" or 1.2m tall, and is pretty light weighing only 118lbs or 53.5kg. She has pale skin covered in scars from various sources. Her black hair is cut short and has dyed purple streaks, it covers her right eye. Her eyes are blue, but she often wears a full lens contact that makes her right eye look red with black sclera. Her lower lip is pierced in the snakebite fashion, and she has simple, purple metal spheres decorating them. Her pointed, elf-like ears are the result of a birth defect and cosmetic surgery to even them out.

Dressed in female team skull attire, she skips out on the scarf and opts for a sea cucumber(pyukumuku) style cap. She carries a black sporty messenger bag filled with what remains of her supplies and whatever other items she can gather. While she doesn't walk often, she has a very cocky stance when standing. Her gait is uneven due to chronic pain caused by past injuries.
When she dissociates into another personality, her posture, and even her voice can change. In the case of Stein specifically, he puts on the glasses that Chaotic keeps in her bag specifically for him, and is often seen with a lit cigarette.
Religion No
Personality To most other humans, Chaotic comes across as distant, quiet, and more than a little strange. This exterior is a shell of sorts Chaotic has built up because of past abuse and trauma inflicted by her mother, as well as other children when she was younger. To those that manage to breach this shell however, while still quiet she is a very loving and caring person, and it shows in the way she treats Pokemon. Even if they are not her own, Chaotic's kindness for Pokemon seems boundless. Likely as a result of her ability to communicate with and understand the creatures without the use of technology.

Since she first started out on her journey, Pokemon have since become a core part of who Chaotic is. Not only does she rely heavily on her team for moral support, but without them she would be unable to travel much at all. Due to a combination of mental and physical health issues stemming from her traumatic childhood, Chaotic's ability to walk has deteriorated over time. Combined with her stubborn refusal to accept medication for anything, Chaotic has come to rely heavily on her Meganium; Engel and her Salamance; Tiamat for transportation.

While she tries not to advertise it, her mental health plays a big part in who Chaotic is as a person. Diagnosed at seventeen with severe depression, general and social anxiety, as well as Dissociative Identity Disorder. Chaotic is semi-aware of some of her alternate personalities, and is even capable of speaking to them to a degree. The three personalities she is aware of are; Rias who plays a guardian sort of role, taking on the bad and traumatic memories to avoid stress on Chaotic's already fragile psyche; Stein who takes the name and personality of a favourite fictional character of hers, his primary purpose is to act as the dam between her and her insanity by taking it on himself; Lastly Penelope who takes on the role of violent abuser, she is the one that urges on the intrusive thoughts. However, they are not the only personalities she has, but the others she is vastly unaware of and tends to lose time if they take control. Although she has never been officially diagnosed with it, it is also suspected that Chaotic suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as she displays some symptoms, primarily nightmares and signs of distress when put into situations that remind her of her trauma.

Despite all her struggles, Chaotic is a very capable battler, and though she has won two league tournaments, she has never let it get to her head. She is very down to earth and aware that no matter how strong she is, there will always be tougher opponents to face. However, she does have a bit of an attitude problem when it comes to authority, and because of that, during her time in Alola she found herself fitting in rather well with the outcasts of Team Skull, becoming pretty close friends with Gladion, and being part of the reason a lot of the grunts started to treat their Pokemon better.
Affiliations -Team Skull(Former Member)
-Professor Elm(Received Starter From)
-Lucifer(Father Figure)
-Johto Pokemon League(Winner)
-Alolan Pokemon League(Winner)
User Notes -Profile image of Chaotic and Joshua by melting-nuclears on deviant art
-Sprite of Joshua by R0CKETLAUNCHERS on Toyhouse
-After talking to Giratina about it, it was agreed that it was possible for a character to be a victor in the leagues, and that made them Champions, however they would not actually take the position of league champion from the holder until the title holder chose to step down. As in all games aside from Alola, you never actually take the place of the champion no matter how many times you win.
-I know Her history is pretty vague and missing details. This is for a reason: To abide by the rules about explicit content.
-Each of her personalities has a different text colour to make it clear that her voice has changed. I will add more colours if it is necessary.
-Rias: 764253
-Penelope: 6C0041
-Franken Stein: A6A5AA
-Nightmare: 3E91ED

Chaotic the Human and Joshua the Eevee[Rage Team] 1935180_y7kkl8mFW9obOeE

Theme I'm Not Okay - My Chemical Romance
Tears of Pain - Akira Yamaoka
Profession Precious Bean
Text Color 7A378B
Item None
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity Agender
Age Young Adult
Species 133|Eevee|The Evolution Pokemon
Height 0'8"|0.2m
Weight 10.3lbs|4.6kg
Pokédex Entry Its irregularly configured DNA is affected by its surroundings. It evolves if its environment changes. ~ Soul Silver
Level 45
Ability Adaptability: Increases the Same Type Attack Bonus from *1.5 to *2.
Nature Mild (+Sp.Atk,-Def)
Characteristic Strongly Willed (Sp.Def IVs)
Moves -Charm (Level)
-Shadow Ball (Bred TM)
-Attract (Bred TM)
-Bite (Level)
Quote "Karma's a bitch, bitch"
History Joshua was born a runt, his egg being the last to hatch in his litter. His father was a ruthless Jolteon named Tsume, and his mother a frightened, abused Umbreon named Marie. Despite Tsume's normal policy to kill all the weaklings among his children, Joshua managed to survive Tsume's attempts by fighting back, his stubborn determination and will to live allowing him to survive in such a ruthless environment. Tsume was impressed by the runt's will, and while he let the young Eevee live, he did not hesitate to make him suffer. Abusing him in various ways including making him watch his mother suffer his assault.

Determined to escape and take his mother with him Joshua spent his free time planning, but that all fell apart when Tsume ended up getting too rough and killing Marie. Unable to wait any longer, Joshua ran, but Tsume was relentless, he found the runt to be the most promising of his children in succeeding him. (Un)Luckily, Joshua managed to stumble his way into the camp of a strong trainer named Camellia. With her powerful Nidoqueen, Camellia chased off Tsume and saved Joshua, or so he thought. Moments later he found himself trapped within a pokeball.

As it turns out, Camellia was a member of Team Rocket, and merely saved Joshua because of his odd coloration making him rare. However, Camellia did not share the same cruel and abusive ideology of many other Rocket members. She spent more time grooming Joshua for her hobby than forcing him to fight. However, the trauma Joshua endured and his scars made him ill suited to the contest world, and Camellia quickly realised this after losing twice in a row. Joshua became merely a status symbol, something to show off as she couldn't be bothered to train him.

While life with Camellia was not horrible, it wasn't pleasant either and Joshua wanted out. Unfortunately for him, escape would not be so easy so long as Camellia held his pokeball in her possession. So when the Outbreak struck, Joshua took it as a boon, and ran, taking his pokeball with him while Camellia was distracted trying to stay alive. He then ran, and ran until his paws could no longer carry him, collapsing just outside of Ecruteak. Here he probably would have died, if not for Chaotic. She found him as she was heading back to New Bark, and worried for the young Eevee, she took him in.

Joshua was surprised by Chaotic, not only was she kind, but she could understand him. As it turns out, the two could relate to each other in more ways than one, and Joshua agreed to stay with Chaotic, gifting her his pokeball as a sign of trust. Chaotic explained her plan to him, and when he was rested, Joshua accompanied her towards Mahogany, where they settled in a ruined house near the Lake of Rage for reasons he didn't really understand beyond Chaotic needing time to mourn someone important to her.
Bulbapedia "Eevee is a mammalian, quadruped creature with primarily brown fur. The tip of its bushy tail and its large furry collar are cream-colored. It has short, slender legs with three small toes and a pink paw pad on each foot. Eevee has brown eyes, long pointed ears, and a small black nose. This Pokémon is rarely found in the wild, and is mostly only found in cities and towns. However, Eevee is said to have an irregularly shaped genetic structure that allows it to adapt to many different kinds of environments. Eventually, Eevee may evolve to better suit its surroundings. According to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, Eevee has a naive personality."
Appearance Josh is a runt, especially in his family line, standing at a tiny 0'8" or 0.2m and weighing only 10.3lbs or 4.6kg. Typical of the genetic train wreck that is his father's side of the family, Josh is not the standard colour for an Eevee, instead sporting a purple coat with lavender accents. While not infected, Joshua has crimson eyes, though his left eye is now merely an empty socket that bleeds occasionally as a result of an injury from his father.

Much like his friend Chaotic, Joshua's body is covered in scars, while most are hidden beneath the fur, he has injuries which have left bare patches on his body where fur will no longer grow properly due to the damage to the follicles. Josh's gait is similarly uneven as a result of injury, but there is a certain determination in the way he moves.
Accent Unknown
Religion N/A
Motivation Survival, Joshua just wants to live.
Despite being a runt, Joshua is a natural born survivor. While appearing to be meek on the outside, he is actually extremely stubborn. Luckily for him, because if he was not so adamant in his desire to live, he would have died several times over the course of his life. Much like his current partner Chaotic, Joshua suffered plenty of abuse as a kit that shaped who he has become.

Normally a rather quiet and soft spoken individual, Joshua has a dark side that is brought out by stress. Due to the abuse of his father, Joshua has developed an alternate personality. This evil side refers to itself as Tsume, taking on the name of his abuser, not only does this second personality bully and cause intrusive thoughts and violent urges in Joshua, but when it takes over it causes him to behave much like his father did towards him. He becomes aggressive, and exhibits a lack of empathy for his actions. Joshua hates this side of himself, and always profusely apologises to those around once Tsume is done doing his damage.

Aside from the darker half of himself, Joshua also suffers from nightmares about his past, and often contemplates dying. However he understands that death is irreversible and if he were to give up, his father would win, something Joshua refuses to allow. Due to this, when others manage to make it past his walls, Joshua is truly just a scared child. He doesn't want to fight anymore, and only does so now out of necessity. He prefers to use Attract, and Charm to navigate his way out of combat if possible, but he has very little control over his Attract, and it can act as a sort of curse as well, turning those who would be temporarily infatuated into obsessive stalkers on occasion. Something he hates himself even more for.
User Notes -Both of Joshua's TM moves were passed down to him from Tsume.
-Joshua's history is purposely vague and short to abide by the rules of explicit content
Team notes TBA
Affiliations -Alucard the Sylveon(Half Brother)
-Catalyst the Phanteon(Half Brother)
-Plague the Umbreon(Half Brother)
-Ghost the Eevee(Half Brother)
-Tsume the Jolteon(Father)
-Marie the Umbreon(Mother)
-Kasumi the Glaceon(Aunt)
-Sayori the Umbreon(Aunt)
-Kiyoshi the Sylveon(Uncle)
-Akane the Espeon(Grandmother)
-Tadashi the Glaceon(Grandfather)
-Yersinia the Umbreon(Niece)
-Camellia(Former Trainer)
-Chaotic(Current Trainer)
Development Notes TBA

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Chaotic the Human and Joshua the Eevee[Rage Team] 5401324_qkp2OimJoaeVxz0
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Chaotic the Human and Joshua the Eevee[Rage Team] Empty Re: Chaotic the Human and Joshua the Eevee[Rage Team]

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Chaotic the Human and Joshua the Eevee[Rage Team] Empty Re: Chaotic the Human and Joshua the Eevee[Rage Team]

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